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Chapter four: Pranks

An Appledash fic inspired by the short story "Of Horseshoes, Apples, and Feathers"

A cyan pegasus was flying tiredly and slowly towards a little but comfy cloud.
"Worst. Day. Ever" Rainbow Dash groaned, letting herself fall over the inviting cloud, sinking her face into it while the sun beamed down on her.

The pony was not far from the truth, this day it has been indeed, very tiring and boring. After her visit to Fluttershy's cottage; she had been working very hard and in various tedious tasks. First she had to clear some stubborn clouds from last night's storm over Golden Harvest's farm. To her surprise, it didn't take ten seconds flat, more like ten minutes flat.

"Stupid clouds, don't know when to stop raining."

Second she had to drive off some rogue weather from the Everfree forest, and they were not friendly little clouds. It was a huge monsoon former, and if it wasn't for Rainbow's work, half of the town would be swimming to work the next day. Third and finally, she had to put a rainbow over the sky for Diamond Tiara's birthday, even if it wasn't a difficult job for her, since she could make rainbows just by moving, it was boring, and she didn't like they way Diamond Tiara and her family treated everypony, just because she had more bits than the rest.

"Stupid brat, she doesn't even deserve it."

Rainbow Dash had finally got done with her work and flown off to her favourite napping cloud, today was not her day to be disturbed. Not even the shining sun cheered her up; in fact, the sun was burning her eyes, so she decided to stick her head further into the cloud. She then tried to drift off to sleep.

"Oh Dashie~!" a faint sing-song voice could be heard in her head.

"Oh Celestia, not now… I'm trying to sleep… why now?" muttered to herself, she knew exactly who it was, and it was not exactly who she wanted to see when she was trying to sleep.

"Dashie~!" The voice insisted, louder each time, like it was getting closer, something impossible since she was on a cloud.

"Pinkie Pie" she thought recognising the high-pitched voice. "Hopefully she won't bother me if I don't talk to her, I'll try too look asleep and she might just become bored and go away."

Nope, today was not Rainbow's day, at all.

"Dashie! Hello!" she felt somepony's hoof tapping her head "Don't you hear me? Or did the cat get your ear? That Opalescence… Wait? Weren't tongues what cat use to get?" she turned around and saw Pinkie Pie standing in the cloud. "I don't even wanna ask how she is standing up here" she thought.

"What do you want Pinkie!?" said Rainbow Dash, very mad because she knew she was not going to be able to get any sleep.

"Oh sorry, were you sleeping?" Pinkie said in her happy voice, unaware of her friend's irritation.

Rainbow Dash just glared daggers at her. "What do you think?"

"Aw, looks like somepony's upset. I know what will cheer you up! A cupcake!" she said as she took a cupcake out of nowhere.


"A party?" Pinkie said as she was taking some balloons out of her mane

"Pinkie, no."

"A pra-"

"No! Stop it! Please! Gosh, I just wanna sleep, get out of here!" Rainbow snapped at her. She then realized that was a mistake.

Pinkie's hair deflated to half its puffiness and tears started to well up in her eyes. She seemed to be losing her color and brightness.

"I am sorry, I didn't knew I was a bother to you."

"Oh-no, please no, don't cry. Ugh… I'm sorry Pinkie." Rainbow said sighing, she then hugged her tightly. "Forgive me Pinks. I…I just had a long, hard and boring day at work, I'm worn off and I wanted to rest a little bit right now."

"I-It's ok. I forgive you" sobbed Pinkie, her hair returning to its normal state. "I just thought we could go pranking, it is that time of the week you know?" she said pouting theatrically and giving Dash puppy eyes.

"Pranking you say?" Rainbow knew she wouldn't get any sleep, so why not use the free time for pranking? But she didn't wanted half-baked plans, so she asked "What do you have in mind Pinks? Now that you've woken me up, you must have a really good one"

Pinkie Pie responded by pulling out a rainbow colored wig.

"But we'll have to wait until tomorrow's morning, so… do you want to eat something at Sugarcube Corner? It's on me, as an apology gift for waking you up."

"Yeah, why not?"


It was early, very early, Luna's moon was just setting across the light foggy night sky. The dim stars were barely visible as the fog made it hard to see, in a few minutes Celestia's sun will rise from behind the Everfree Forest, giving birth to a new morning. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were creeping up to Carousel Boutique; they were wearing all black to be stealthy, but also because it was a little cold in the early morning.

"Brrrr, it sure is chilly huh Dashie?" A shivering Pinkie Pie said.

"Shhh, quiet, do you want Rarity to hear us?"

"Oopps, sorry" she giggled.

Rainbow looked up at the second floor window of Rarity's home; it was wide open, perfect for them to sneak in.

"Come on I'll lift you up" Rainbow said before grabbing Pinkie Pie and lifting her up and through the window.

They entered the home and looked around; the room they were in was small. It had pink walls with white stripes and pale yellow flooring. Up against the wall in front of them was a small bed with a small shape sitting on it, it stared at them with two green eyes.

"Um, what are you two doing here?"

"Wrong room Dashie" Pinkie said.

"Shhh be quiet Sweetie Belle, we're trying to play a prank on your sister, if you keep talking that loud you'll wake her up!" Rainbow said quietly.

Sweetie Belle's eyes lit up at the plan.

"Oh! Oh! Can I help? Pleaseeeeee!"

"SHHHH! Sorry kiddo, remember the last time you helped us with a prank?"

Sweetie Belle remembered back when she tried to help prank Rarity last month by putting a fake grape juice stain on one of her dresses. There was a itty bitty tiny problem, Sweetie Belle confused the prank grape juice with the real one, and the dress was white… it took ages for Rarity to make that stain unnoticeable, and it also took ages for Rarity to forgive her.

"Well… can I at least watch?" Said Sweetie Belle trying to convince Dash.

"Urgh… Fine, but please be quiet. We don't want to wake her up before it's all set."

The three tip-hoofed their way through the hallway and to Rarity's door, Celestia's sun was slowly rising trough one of the windows, they needed to be fast. It was all about speed, stealth, and caution. So the only one able to do so was Dash and when it came to pranks, she became a completely different pony.

"Wig" Ordered Rainbow, like a surgeon asking for a scalpel.

Pinkie Pie opened her prank bag, somehow hidden inside her stealth suit but without occupying any space, and gave the rainbow colored wig to her. The wig had all the seven colours of the Rainbow, but it had the same manestyle as Rarity's mane.

"She gonna flip when she sees this" Sweetie Belle giggled.

"Ok, I'll fly silently to her bed and put the wig on, you two hide somewhere."

"Aye, aye captain Dashie!" Pinkie said, saluting her before running downstairs, while Sweetie Belle hid behind a fern plant.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes and entered Rarity's room; she saw her sleeping on a red princess size bed. The room was a purple and light purple color with dress supplies along the walls. Rainbow took in a deep breath and flew over. She slowly started putting the wig on her.

"Oh Tom, your so round and… mmm rocky" Rarity muttered in her sleep.

Rainbow froze at the sound of this, she then couldn't help but giggle and resumed putting the wig on.

When she was done, Rarity looked like her mane was dyed rainbow.

"Sweetie Bell was right, she is gonna flip after this" Rainbow said to herself before making her way to the door.

Rainbow walked out of the room and into the hallway, she could see to her left that Pinkies head was somehow popping out of a vase on a corner. Rainbow didn't know when she changed places, or how was she able to enter there. But she didn't care anymore; she stopped asking a lot of things about Pinkie a long time ago.

"Ok Pinkie now is your turn, wake her up" Rainbow said with a mischievous grin.

Pinkie reached in her bag and took out three round balls. They were all pink, two had a blue balloon on it, and the other had a yellow one. All three of them had a white string. Rainbow hoped behind the fern with Sweetie Belle before covering her ears. Pinkie pulled the string off of them, tossed them in the door way and covered her ears.

Bam, pop, whiz! The sounds that emitted from the room were deafening, they were followed by an equally deafening scream.

"Arrgghh… Rainbow Dash! Pinkie Pie!" Rainbow heard what Rarity yelled.

Rainbow heard the stomp of hoofs toward the door before it swung open to reveal a rainbow maned Rarity, who was looking from side to side of the room trying to spot them.

"Come out you little punks! Is that the best you can do?" Rarity said.

The three guilty ponies walked out of their hiding places… Rainbow tried to contain her laughter as she looked at Rarity mane.

"What, what's so funny?" Rarity asked, her friend was on the verge of tears.

"Oh nothing, You… pfff…. You look amazing this morning Rarity"

"I… I really like your mane!" Sweetie Belle said.

The three of them started laughing at Sweetie Belle's punchline.

"Wha- what did you do to my gracious mane? It took me hours to make it look perfect!" Rarity said before rushing back to her room.

Rainbow quickly grabbed Pinkie and flew out the window.

"Wait, take me with you! She's going to kill me, and I didn't participate!" Sweetie Bell called out before being cut off by a scream.

"Sorry Sweetie Belle, you delivered the punchline, you're involved, and it's your turn to take the blame!"

"MY MANE!!!!" Rarity screamed as Rainbow and Pinkie flew off into the clouds.

"Don't worry, it's just a w-mphh" Pinkie started yelling but was stopped by Dash.

"Don't tell'er, Sweetie Belle is probably going to do it anyways, keep her thinking its real" said Rainbow before she and Pinkie laughed their way towards Sugarcube corner.


"Oh that was awesome Pinks!" Rainbow Dash laughed as Pinkie brought out a couple of milkshakes.

The inside of Sugarcube corner was sugary heaven, shelves and tables were stocked with sweets, cakes, chocolate, and other treats. You could see cupcakes, muffins and cookies all over the shop. It was Dash's third favourite place to be, first was of course her home, and then it was Sweet Apple Acres. She had avoided going there because of the recent events.

"Yeah, it was a super duper awesome prank we pulled. Rarity was all like 'Oh my dear! Look at my mane, oh no!' " Pinkie said impersonating Rarity.

"Yeah, it was priceless. Mmmm, nice milkshake Pinkie!"

"Thanks Dashie, it's my Pinkie special, premium milk, pink frosting, and blue and yellow sprinkles with a cheery on top."

"Yeah, so who is next on our list to be pranked?"

"Twilight of course."

"The egghead?" Rainbow questioned.

"No silly, the book!" Pinkie said, winking at you, reader of this story, and tearing apart half of the forth wall in the process.

Rainbow stared at her, and then looked where Pinkie was looking at. There was a wall. She didn't ask.

"Umm… Okaaay… so what prank are we gonna pull on her?"

Pinkie discussed the plan to Rainbow and before long they were dashing off to Twilight's library.


It was already midday by the time Pinkie and Rainbow arrived; Celestia's sun was directly above them. The two went up against the side of the door and peered inside the window.

"Is she home?" Pinkie asked.

"Doesn't look like it" Dash said as she looked around the room through the window. "Let's make this quick. Hmm, seems locked" she said, trying to push open the door.

"Umm Dashie."

"Come on… just a little… ugh push" Rainbow said, she was now trying to kick the door in.



Pinkie walked up to the door and pulled it open, she then pointed to the sign on it that said pull.

"Oh… I knew that, I wanted to see if you were alert..." she said, her cheeks glowed red.

Pinkie and Rainbow walked into the library and looked around; books filled every bookcase and table in the room. To one side of the room was a staircase to Twilights room, the middle door was to the kitchen and to the left a staircase to the basement.

"I wonder why do this library has so many books, I don't think even half of these books have been read by other pony than Twilight."

"Yeah, I was thinking the same!"

"Well, she's probably coming back home soon, so let's make this quick" Rainbow Dash said before rushing to one of the bookcases.

"Okie dokie lokey" Pinkie said before joining her.

In only ten minutes had Pinkie and Dash cleared out the entire library of books. Every bookcase and table was bare, all that was left was the dust and parchment scraps. They even left an open door and some false hoofprints to make Twilight think it was a robbery.

"Done, oh Twilight is going to be so surprised when she sees this" Rainbow giggled.

"Don't you think the hoofprints were a little bit too much?" Asked a worried Pinkie.

"Nah, well jump out of our hiding places seconds later after she sees this, she won't have time to worry"

"Talking about her, here she comes now" Pinkie said, looking through the window.

"Quick, hide!" Rainbow Dash said as she jumped into a nearby chest.

Pinkie decided to hide behind a nearby vase, but then she was sticking her head out of the vase. Rainbow didn't ask anything, not anymore. Rainbow and Pinkie heard the door open as Twilight was talking to Spike.

"Ok blue ink, that should be everything on our list, now check out 'checking the list' from the other list, and start with the second check of the list" Twilight said.

"Check and... check. Now, can we jus-" Spike stop mid-sentence as he looked at the library, his eyes were like saucers. "Twilight, you should really l-look behind y-you."

She did so and imminently started to panic.

"Wha- where are my books!? What happened to them!? Where are they, where are my books!?" Twilight said as she ran around the room.

Rainbow Dash couldn't hold it anymore and started laughing, soon Pinkie popped out of her hiding place.

"Wha- what have you done with my books!?" Twilight yelled.

"Oh relax your silly littly heady Twilighty! We simply hid them in the basement" Pinkie giggled.


"Oh, you two are gonna get it now. I'm glad that my dragonskin is fireproof" said Spike and laughing as he took out a pair of sunglasses and put them on.

"Oopsie, I think we overdid it, she's like that again..." said Pinkie worriedly and lowering her ears.

"Get what? She's like wha-" Rainbow asked, but it was too late. Twilight's eyes started glowing red; a weak white glow started emanating from Twilight's coat as it started turning white, and her mane exploded in a big blazing fireball.

"YOU DARE TO DISORGANIZE MY LIBRARY!" Twilight yelled at the two pranksters.

"Um, yeah" Rainbow said, her eyes were wide with fear.

"How bout I turn you two into a couple of books and disorganize you, how would you like that!? HUH!?" Twilight yelled, her horn was beginning to glow.

Rainbow quickly grabbed Pinkie Pie and flew out the door before Twilight had a chance to finish her spell.

"Next time, remember me not to overdo it with when I prank the egghead" Rainbow Dash said as she and Pinkie flew above Ponyville.

"Okie dokey lokie" Pinkie responded.


Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash had found themselves behind a bush in the busy Ponyville square after leaving Twilight's tree-house-library; the sun was now heading towards the horizon. They only had a couple hours of sunlight left and a couple hours of pranking left.

"Don't you think this prank is a little… amateur" said Dash.

"Of course not, no prank is amateur as long as you have a good laugh" said Pinkie Pie. She was holding a bit suspended by a string. "All we have to do is throw this bit into the street and wait for a passing pony. Then give it a yank."

"Well then throw it then."

Pinkie Pie threw the bit a good five hoofs into the street and then waited for somepony to notice it. It only took a few seconds for somepony to notice the money on the ground.

"Yeehaw! An old shiny golden bit, must be mah lucky day!" a voice was heard. Rainbow Dash recognized who it was.

"Pinkie wait" Dash tried to warn her.

It was too late, Pinkie gave the string a tug and the voice called out again.

"What in tarnation!" the pony called out again before trying to pick up the bit.

"Pinkie please wait!" Rainbow said quietly as she heard the pony get closer to the bush.

Pinkie Pie pulled the string one more time.

"I said stop Pinkie!" said Dash as she pushed Pinkie so she couldn't make the last pull. Sadly, for her, the push made Pinkie accidentally pull another time and the bit popped through the bush leaves.

"Oh no."

Crashing through the bush was a orange mare with a cowboy hat and a golden mane. It was Applejack.

"I got ya now ya good fer nothing piece of gold" Applejack said as she stomped on the bit.

Pinkie broke out in laughter before Applejack turned her gaze towards her.

"Ah, so it was a prank then huh Pinkie?  I suppose it was a good one" Applejack laughed before noticing that Rainbow Dash was there. "Oh um, howdy there Rainbow" She said, as her face started to turn red

"Yeah- uh, hi to you too Applejack" She said, she was also turning a bit red.

The two stood there in silence as while Pinkie sat in the middle wondering what was going on.

"So umm... I got to go, gotta umm... feed Tank" said Rainbow, her cheeks looked they were going to catch fire at any moment.

"Uh yeah, ah need to go as well" Applejack said with her face as red as her cutie mark.

Both ponies ran off in opposite directions, leaving a confused Pinkie Pie behind.

"Was it something I said?"

I would like to thank my pre-reader [link] for editing this, go check him out, his storys are awesome!

This chapter has finally been released after a little 10 day break from fast writing. Chapter will be out soon in the coming days. This chapter was focused on Rainbow Dash, so the next will be on Applejack.

School is currently keeping me pre-occupied with ideas for future chapters. So after chapter 5, there may be a little delay as I adjust certain chapters and plot ideas. I don't have an estimate of the amount of chapters left in the story, but it could be 2 to 3.

This is a Yuri Ship-Fic of MLP:FIM.
R-B-D Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Liking this story a lot, well written with good descriptions of the characters. I like the idea of dedicating chapters to different characters as well, it's not something you see every day. It's a lot of fun to read through this story and watching the insecurity from both characters. Can't wait for Chapter 5 :)
theirishbronyx Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Very good, as always. I'm waiting for 5!
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